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GOV Application! Empty GOV Application!

Post by Vegito on Wed 26 Jul - 17:47

Name: *ANSWER*

Was you in any faction before?:

What was your rank?:

Why you want to join us? (20 words):

Warninng! You should be in FBI or LSPD before joinning us!!!

Are you in FBI or LSPD?:

What is your rank?:


If you are not in LSPD or FBI***

Why should we accept you?:

Was you in LSPD or FBI before? If yes what was your rank?:

Screenshot and photo of your stats and your old rank of FBI/LSPD if you have:
*Answer* ******

[color=#ff0000]Warninng! You can be accepted if you are not in PD/FBI![/color

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